Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gardening with Two-Year-Olds: Awesome!

We live in downtown Vancouver and up until this past September, we've never had an apartment with even an inch of outdoor space.  Our new place has a balcony with about 5x5 feet of space so I've been pretty excited about container gardening.  Even though Aias won't be able to get the full experience of hanging out in a huge garden and planting tons of things, I wanted him to get an idea of how it feels to grow something from a seed.  Due to our limited amount of space and the fact that we face North, our options for gardening are somewhat limited, but Aias and I decided to grow peas.  Peas are pretty easy to grow as they are intensely forgiving.

We planted our first batch of seeds a couple months ago.  We set a plastic table cloth out on our living room floor, lined a plastic box with jiffy cups, and Aias scooped potting soil from a bag into the little jiffy cups with a metal spoon.  I showed him how to make a little hole, pop a seed (or 3) in and then to cover the seeds up.  He was in love with the process and it really held his attention.  We didn't really follow the instructions on the seed packet very closely because, well, he's 2.  You are definitely not supposed to put like 4 seeds per jiffy cup, but whatever.  I was shocked that the entire process held his attention and he saw the project through until the very end.  Within a few days the seeds had sprouted and now the plants are about a foot tall.  We kept them in our bedroom for a while and moved them outside at the start of April.
This past weekend Aias was asking to plant seeds again, so I figured we may as well.  We'll likely end up giving the plants away when they start to sprout but that's fine.  Planting them is a lot of fun and Aias is very proud that he "did it!"

After lining up the cups he filled them with soil.  I'm not sure why he looks so serious in these pictures, evidently he means business.

Adding the seeds, sometimes more than one per cup.

Nearly done!

The first round of seeds, all grown up.

They are pretty tall. Those are skewers for making shish kabobs, but we just added much longer metal stakes

The little vines are my absolute favorite, they are so delicate looking but they do so much work

I love these close ups, look at the little knots the vines have made!

Another pretty one


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