Friday, April 27, 2012

A Quick List of Nutritious Meal Suggestions

I'm not very creative when it comes to meals, so I keep a printed list of meal ideas in my kitchen and in my purse.  I thought it may be a nice idea to share some of those ideas here.  Some of them look a lot more fancy and difficult than they really are; these snacks and lunches are really actually quite simple to prepare.  I try to keep things healthy and simple to minimize the time spent preparing the food.  I cut the food using cute cookie cutters when possible in an effort to make the food seem more fun to eat... sometimes it's all in the presentation for a kid.

Snack Ideas

- Carrot or pumpkin bread spread with cream cheese
- Fresh fruit cut into wedges
- Bananas
- Grated or small cubes of cheese with whole-grain crackers
- Raw veggies with hummus
- Small homemade muffins (zucchini or carrot)
- Soft whole-grain tortillas spread with almond butter
- Rice cakes spread with avocado
- Yogurt
- Applesauce
- Mixed berries
- Puffed kamut
- Nutri-o's (Healthier Cheerios)
- Homemade omega-3 yogurt pops
- Fruit and cheese kabobs
- Sugar-free dried fruit bits
- Homemade apple chips
- Homemade sweet potato chips
- Whole grain waffle strips with cream cheese and jam
- Beet pancake bites
- Pretzels for dipping into yogurt or peanut butter
- Fruit salad
- Bran muffins with melon slices
- Banana pudding
- Granola and yogurt
- Apples with cinnamon toast
- Banana rings and melba toast
- Frozen grapes sliced with cheese
- Baking powder biscuits with orange slices
- Baked apples and yogurt
- Celery with cream cheese
- Carrot cake and milk
- Lettuce and cold cut roll ups

Breakfast Ideas

- Bagel with yogurt and orange juice
- Cinnamon toast, milk and a banana
- Nutri-o's, milk, and apple wedges
- Muffin and orange slices
- Granola, milk and peaches
- Scrambled eggs, toast, and juice
- Oatmeal and fruit

Lunch Examples*

- Quinoa with tuna, peas and parmesan
- Quinoa with salmon, black beans and parmesan
- Brown rice with cheese blocks
- Lasagna with secret veggies (blended veggies)
- Turkey meatloaf muffins with secret veggies**
- Homemade macaroni and cheese with secret cauliflower
- Homemade nuggets (ground turkey or chicken, brown rice, cheese, zucchini, breaded)
- Homemade soup (Lentil, Chicken Quinoa, Broccoli, etc)
- Whole wheat or brown rice pasta with secret veggies in the sauce
- Homemade pita pizzas with secret veggies in the sauce and various toppings
- Tofu strips
- Apple cheddar quesadillas
- Bean burritos with secret veggies
- Frittata with secret veggies
- Stir fry
- Tuna fish sandwich, celery, and apple wedges
- Cheese sandwich with tomato soup
- Spaghetti with sauce, veggie sticks and apple slices
- English muffin pizzas with veggies and apple slices
- Chicken noodle soup, crackers, and cheese sticks

*All lunches are served with fresh cut fruit.  Types of fruit generally include whatever is in season; grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black berries, etc.


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