Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bouldering With Toddlers?

The only thing better than doing something you love, is doing something you love with PEOPLE you love.  Today we took Aias to a private bouldering cave to check out one of daddy's favourite activities.  Luckily the place was empty so it was just the three of us (that makes it a lot safer, no risk of someone landing on Aias).  We showed Aias how bouldering works and tried to lure him into trying it himself by placing some of his toy trains on the higher rocks, but he was more interested in the box of holds.  Maybe next time he'll take more of an interest in climbing himself, but for now he certainly gets a kick out of watching Daddy dangling from the wall!

Daddy placing a train track on the holds in an effort to entice Aias to climb up to it, but no dice.

Checking out some holds in a bucket. Those are ice axes there, so yeah, gotta keep an eye on kids in an adult environment like this.

Reaching the top of a route


Bouncing on the squishy mat!


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