Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Every Crayon Wants To Be When It Grows Up...

I saw this on Pinterest and I had to do it. I am so happy I did... I love this project so hard.

You need:


You glue the crayons where you want them (with or without the wrappers on), put the crayon covered canvas on newspaper to avoid a mess, then just run the hairdryer on them until they melt in the way you desire.

This project feels so gratifying.  As you run the hot air over the crayons, you can find little techniques and angles to direct the hot wax in the way you want it.  It's really addicting and halfway through this one I was planning my next. The next one is going to get glitter thrown on it ;)  I would never in my life have guessed that gluing crayons onto a canvas and melting them with a hairdryer could be so therapeutic.  I'm going to do the next one when Aias is awake because I think he will get a kick out of this.

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