Monday, November 14, 2011

A True Story About a Toddler and a Dog Crate

I was just thinking of hilarious moments with Aias and I remembered this one.

We moved in September and it was HELL unpacking and moving with a toddler. He was seriously into everything; I think it literally took 5x as long to do it all.  If it weren't for a few friends helping us look after him during the whole process, we'd still be unpacking.

We basically had 1,000 things to move/unpack, but the last thing we unpacked was our dog's crate (because we don't really use it).  I set it up in the bedroom so I could put the dog in it while we moved some big things in and out of the apartment.  Immediately upon setting it up, Aias crawled into the crate. He didn't want to get out.  He stayed in the crate with his Lego for 40 minutes straight.  He only got out in the first place because I had to lure him out. 


Now, I wouldn't normally suggest crating a child (duh) but I have to admit... knowing what I know now, if I had to do it again, I'd be unpacking that dog crate first.

Evidently the dog will be happy to trade spots any time...

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