Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How On Earth Does a Toddler Know About Chocolate Packaging!

This morning we went to the grocery store to get some Almond Milk and Aias saw a bin of these:

He ran up to the bin and said: "Yum! Chocolate Num! Eat! Me Eat!"

Seriously? Aias has had chocolate and candy probably... 6-7 times in his short 2 year life. Never once has the chocolate or candy looked like this.  We've never even owned a piece of chocolate that looked like this.  I have no idea how he can look at these shiny, round, colorful balls and have any idea that chocolate is inside them, unless he can secretly read. 

What the heck! How does he know that it isn't peas or salmon eggs wrapped up in there? How on earth can he possibly know that these are foiled wrapped chocolates?

Maybe I will buy myself some Christmas foil and wrap up some healthy foods.  Something tells me he will be onto my game regardless.

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