Monday, November 21, 2011

The Gems and Jewels of Occupy Vancouver

We support the Occupy movement and have from the beginning.  We took a few trips to Occupy Vancouver over the past few weeks just to have a look and to check out the general assembly.  Politics and debate over Occupy aside, I wanted to share a few little gems and jewels of occupy Vancouver that I found particularly heartwarming/community oriented.  These are the things we will remember about the movement here.

1. A Geodesic Dome!
By the time we got to photograph this it was almost completely dismantled, but the frame of this structure is what we love the most anyway.  All of those domes we have made in the past were really just practice for someday making a dome similar to this one.  Look closely at the awesome connecting points!

And of course, a lovely branch hanging from the center of the dome:

2. A Library
The first time we dropped in to Occupy to have a look, we went into this little library, "the people's lovely library," and had a look.  Inside were books that had been donated, materials to help people access social services, zines, and resources.  There were children's books donated for families in the family zone and the volunteer running the library was very sweet to us and Aias.  People were sitting and reading on couches in the back.

3. A Free Vegetarian Cafeteria
This blew our minds: a full functioning, outdoor vegetarian cafeteria.  The food is free or by donation and it sure smelled delicious!

4. An Open Place to Share
I  love this because it shows a little bit of organization in what people perceive to be a sea of chaos.  
5. More Organization
Faded over the weeks...

6. The Red Tents
Red Tent is a national campaign to end homelessness initiated by Pivot Legal Society and allied organizations who believe the time to end homelessness is now. We'd never seen these tents before. 

7. The Signs
I wish we had taken more pictures of the signs. Morgan took this one because he thought it was particularly funny, but maybe that's us just being snobs since we actually can't name a single Kardashian sister (who are they! what do they even do!). 

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