Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peaceful Post-Rain Mushroom Treasure Hunt

The most beautiful time to hike is right after a rainshower, and luckily there are lots of those around here.  Last weekend we decided to head toward Lynn Canyon to take a peaceful easy walk around Lynn Loop with a brief stop at the viewpoint. 

Nothing makes a hike more fun than having a goal or something you are on the lookout for and after the rain some of the coolest things you can look for are various types of mushrooms and fungus.  Before we thought up the hunt, we were sort of just chatting and moving quickly, not necessarily focused on anything particular. When we decided to turn it into a mushroom hunt, things got exciting.  We were practically squealing with excitement every time we saw a new type.  We ended up taking pictures of dozens of pretty looking mushrooms and fungi!

*Note: By hunting I mean... have a look at the mushrooms and fungus, don't touch them or pick them up. Who knows what kind of poison you can ingest if you touch the wrong type. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures, maybe you know what the names are of these little beauties?

Like a bunch of little shelves on a wall
I like these; Morgan said they open up like little umbrellas as they age
This reminds me of Mario Bros. or something
Creepy coral looking fungus
A tiny umbrella all alone
I think this is similar to the Mario mushroom above
More coral-ly stuff
A whole family of umbrellas
More cute little shelves
This stuff was weird, it looked like the cheese that comes pre-grated in bagged salads
Like the frillies on a pair of bloomers
These little red blood cell looking things give me the heebie jeebies!
More umbrellas!
Saving the best for last, I LOVE these!
So slimy and spiky and awesome
Cool, right?

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