Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Aias, Where's Your Bed?

We moved just over a week ago.  When deciding how to arrange the furniture in our new place, we made the brave move of dismantling the side-carred bed arrangement we'd had in our previous home and instead put our bed in our room and Aias's bed in his room.  Aias has always slept with us but I guess we thought we'd start the transition to a "big boy" bed pretty soon since he's nearly 2, a natural bed hog, and our bed is pretty small.

We were here for a week before even attempting to move Aias into his little bed, then two nights ago I nursed him down in our bed and Morgan brought him to the little bed where he slept for 5 hours. Last night we did the same. Both times he woke up around 3am and spent the rest of the night in our bed, which was fine.

In typing this I can't help but notice that I'm referring to the adult bed as "OUR" bed and implying that it's Morgan's bed and my bed but not Aias's bed, which didn't really strike me as funny at all until yesterday.  Aias and I were in his room in the evening talking about the little bed.  We were having a good conversation about the "Little Bed" and then I said "Aias, show me how you lay down in your bed?"

Aias said "Ok" and then he left the room, walked into the hall and into "OUR" bedroom and laid down on "OUR" bed and smiled.

Then it occurred to me.

Aias has slept in "OUR" bed since he was a few weeks old, which pretty much means for 95% of his life. Morgan and I have had that bed for a few years, but for nowhere near 95% of our lives. Aias really knows nothing else.

If you've slept in a bed for 95% of your life, you are going to think it's your bed. Heck, it pretty much is at that point.   The whole time we've been sharing OUR bed with Aias, he's been thinking of it as everyone's bed, himself included.  I think it's about time we start treating it that way and considering that in his eventual transition to a new bed.  His move from our bed may have always seemed inevitable to us, but not to him.

Hanging out in his bed, you know, our bed. 

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