Friday, September 30, 2011

American Apparel Toddler Clothes, Ridiculous Yet Irresistable

As a rule, I try not to spend too much on toddler clothes because I've seen how Aias treats them.  Despite using bibs and making sincere attempts at keeping them pristine, I fail more often than not.  I love consignment and thrifts shops, though I have no idea how so many toddler clothes survive toddlers long enough to be consign-able- but I'm happy some of them do.  In short, as a consequence of his messy tendencies, Aias's clothes are from the clearance rack or second hand. 

Regardlesss, I love window shopping and checking out high-end baby clothes.  American Apparel is one of my favorite places to go "oooooh! ahhhhhh!" and then walk out empty handed.  While shimmery gold pants for a toddler are a cute idea, they often aren't worth the $40 they cost.  This week American Apparel has a Teambuy special where you pay $25 for $50 worth of American Apparel clothing, either online or in the store.  Since I had some Teambucks from referring people to other Teambuys, I figured I couldn't resist using them on something like this.

I opted for the "in-store" option and yesterday I went into American Apparel at Park Royal and bought the following items for Aias:

-2 belts, one neon yellow and one dark blue
-2 neon t-shirts, one yellow and one pink
-1 shirt with the letters "Aa" on them (you know, for Aias!)

The shirts are so soft and brightly colored and the belts are exactly what I had been looking for.  It felt really goofy to walk out with such expensive toddler gear but I'm happy he has a few indulgent items now, and at little cost to me (I ended up paying an extra $3).  

The cashier was a teenage hipster, and she said "ooohh he's going to be a fancy baby now!" so I joked about how he wasn't allowed to eat when he was wearing these things.  She had no idea what I was talking about, and remarked "actually we are going to be selling plus size items soon."  She obviously thought I was saying he had to be skinny to wear American Apparel *headdesk* Ahh, to be young and not know how messy a toddler is. 

You still have time to take advantage of this deal if you are in Canada; you can buy up to 2 of these for yourself (though you have to use them at different times) and you can also buy up to 2 for friends.  If you have a girl child, BUY TWO... the girl clothes for toddlers at American Apparel are absurdly cute.  I wish Aias needed a skirted jumper or ruffle butt underpants. 

Edited to add: you can also use this deal to buy stuff for yourself, but if you are like me, you aren't looking to wear a lot of spandex after having had a baby.

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