Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombie Toddler Walks the Streets of Vancouver

On Saturday Aias and I took part in the 2011 Vancouver Zombie Walk.  I have never participated before because quite frankly, walking around surrounded by tons of people dressed like zombies sort of terrifies me.  My irrational fears aside, every year I miss the advertising or talk of the event anyhow, and I only notice it has happened because I see zombified people walking around all over town.  Of course, at that point it was always too late to participate. This year I got lucky and found out about it about 36 hours before, so I was able to throw together some inexpensive DIY style zombie costumes for Aias and myself. 

I had asked on Facebook to gauge people's opinions on how appropriate they thought it would be for me to not only take my 21 month old child to the zombie walk, but to dress him up like a zombie.  I was pretty surprised that within an hour or so dozens of people had told me it would not only be ok to do, but it would be totally awesome. So it was game on; 21 months of him making a zombie out of me and it was finally my turn to do the same to him!

I went to Michael's and shelled out $10 for some iron on fuzzy black letters, white cream face paint, and fake blood.  Upon returning home, I unearthed a horribly stained and almost outgrown long-sleeve turtleneck onesie of Aias's, hacked off the neck and the arms, and ironed the words "EXCLUSIVELY BRAIN FED" onto it.  I figured that if I was going to have fake blood on my child, it better be campy and blatantly obvious that he wasn't actually abused/injured.  The idea of putting the face paint full of Made In China ingredients on his face horrifies me almost as much as the walking dead, so I used copious amounts of Badger Sunscreen on him instead.  A little non-toxic dark mineral eyeshadow under his eyes was also a nice touch.  I bought about a pound of dark delicious cherries, hoping he would viciously go after them and get filthy like he was covered in blood, but my picky eater decided that he didn't want cherries that day, so I bit the bullet and poured the fake blood on him anyway. 

The result?

I have to admit, it was a little disturbing for me to see my child with dark marks under his eyes and covered in fake blood. You definitely never want to have to see anyone you love covered in blood, but there's something about a bloodied toddler that is especially hard to take.  It was particularly disturbing when he was whining or unhappy. 

For the most part, the whole "zombaby" thing was very well received.  We live in Mount Pleasant and on our way there we got a few confused looks and a gasp or two, but the closer we got to downtown Vancouver the more positive feedback we got. When we got to the Art Gallery, we were swarmed by media, zombies, and onlookers that all wanted a picture of the baby zombie.  For fun I was making a mental note to count the photos that were taken of him, but I stopped about 10 minutes into the walk when I lost track at 300. 

Poor Aias may have had his 15 minutes of fame long before he could even remember it. Sorry, kid!

Here are some pictures that we took or pictures that were taken by onlookers. If you see any other ones posted online, please link me.  I imagine there are going to be several kicking around.

Pre-fake blood, angry that I was attempting to feed him cherries instead of real brains

I'm sure this is hands down the most terrifying, creepy, and disturbing breasfeeding picture I've ever seen. Zombie breastfeeding, FTW! The phrase on the shirt, "Exclusively Brain Fed" is actually a play on the words "Exclusively Breast Fed."  I only sort of expected Internet moms to know that, heh. EBF!

On our way...
This is my favorite, it's a photo taken by Flickr user Veresk and can be found here:

This one got messaged to me, if you know who took it please comment below and I'll ensure you get credit. 

Another one of my favorites, because he looks particularly hungry for brains in this one!  This one was taken by Obi-Wan Baggins and can be found here:
Slurpees give you brain freeze which is pretty much the same as eating brains, right?  These two were taken by Noel Abrahams.
Confident in his zombie ways. This one was taken by Kerry Coulter Crooks.
Dead tired undead. This one was taken by She's Louise.

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