Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Mount Pleasant, mygoodness! gluten & wheat free kitchen!

Several weeks ago Aias and I were on our normal walk when we noticed that the catering company around the corner had closed it's doors. In it's place, we saw  a huge sign for mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen.  We were totally excited to see this, because before getting pregnant with Aias, I had a gluten intolerance and during that time I was left with some pretty crappy options when it came to desserts, noodles, breads, etc.  Any opportunity I had to try a gluten free treat was a fantastic one, but lots of times the products fell very short on the deliciousness scale.  Long story short, when we saw
that mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen had moved into the neighborhood, we couldn't resist trying it out.  We contacted the owner, Arlene, and she gave us the grand tour of her beautiful and cozy bakery, and even let us try some of her goods. Let me tell you, this place is not just for celiacs... there's not a person out there that won't love the treats she's cooking up in this kitchen!

The thought behind mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen began when Arlene's daughter was diagnosed with celiac's disease.  A natural baker, Arlene took a sour lemon of a situation and made some lemonade!  Her goods were so delicious, she started first at the farmer's market and now has a beautiful brick and mortar store at the corner of Kingsway and Broadway. mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen features signature loaves, scones, specialty breads, flat bread, flax baguettes, focaccia, desserts, and more.  They happily accept special orders, if there's something you simply must try but can't have the gluten.  Arlene also makes delicious granola that is certified gluten free (we had a chance to try this, and it's loved by everyone in the house, and even Morgan approved for it's simple and healthy ingredients!). 

While we were there Aias was given the opportunity to sample a delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie made with almond flour, agave nectar, and organic cocoa nibs.  These cookies cost only $1.25 each (most of the cookies are only 75 cents) and despite Aias being the most selective eater on the planet, he fell in love with this cookie immediately!
Suspicious of course, but brave enough for a first bite!
Success!  Enjoying that first bite very much!
He happily wandered over to the window seat to eat the rest of his delicious cookie.
Just another satisfied customer!

No matter where you live in the city, you need to make a trip to mygoodness! gluten andwheat free kitchen.  I promise you'll be blown away, and you'll be quick to return!  The summer hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 6pm, and you can also try these delicious goodies at the Farmer's Markets on Saturday and Sunday at UBC, Kitsilano, or Main Street.

This upcoming weekend in celebration of Car Free Vancouver, if you spend $10 or more on the 19th you'll receive a free bag of mini cookies!

Additionally if you mention this blog post, you can get a free mini bag of granola with purchases of 20 dollars of more until the end of June!  Make sure to let Arlene know you are a friend of Aias ;)

A shelf of carefully hand packaged certified gluten free granola and oats.  
Delicious wholesome ingredients that are 100% Morgan approved for adults and toddlers alike!
Yes, those are cupcakes on top! Yes, that is cinnamon bread on the bottom!
Nom Nom Nom!

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  1. That sounds yummy and great for you! I'm a new follower.


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