Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The "We Are Grown-Ups" Conundrum and Chalking Your Walls Because You Can

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Do you remember being a kid and thinking that when you were a grown up, you were going to do everything you wanted to do? I remember thinking I was going to draw all over my walls, eat as many candies as I possibly could, and stay up all night every night.  Of course, then I grew up.  When you grow up you are granted the right to do pretty well whatever you want. Unfortunately you are also (hopefully) granted the good sense to not actually do whatever you want.  I call this the "We Are Grown-Ups" conundrum.  You finally get the right to do what you want, but you are old enough to know what's better for you.  Completely unfair, right?  Now that I'm nearly thirty I realize it's a bad idea to eat as many candies as I possibly can and it's even a crappy idea to stay up all night.  Then we have drawing all over the walls...

I realize it's probably not the best idea to mark up our walls, especially because we rent.  A few weeks ago when Aias got his hands on some washable crayons and drew all over the walls, I didn't care as much as I thought I would.  Then a few days later I had to scrub those walls like mad to get the crayons off and I vowed I'd never do it again.  The wall looked perfect, but my poor arms!

The other day I decided to buy Aias some sidewalk chalk.  Of course, we don't have a yard (I realize I complain about this a lot) so I'd planned on taking him to the playground to use the chalk.  Typical of Vancouver,  it rained for a few days and I got pretty frustrated that he couldn't use his chalk.  Around the same time my friend over at The Crafting Hobbit wrote a post mentioning a chalk wall.  I sat and coveted the chalk wall.  Then the wheels in my mind started turning and I started to feel a bit curious, so I took out a piece of our chalk, and made a tiny mark on our dark grey wall.  I attempted to wipe it off with a dry cloth.  The marks disappeared immediately! I made a slightly larger mark... once again the mark disappeared immediately.  I didn't even need a wet cloth!  I then drew a bunch of giant rainbows on the wall.  Once again, I washed it off with a dry cloth.  All the marks were gone; there was a bit of chalk powder but a soft dry washcloth made it disappear. The walls were like new.

So I gave Aias the chalk, and he was pretty freaking happy.  To be honest, so was I.  I suspect even the walls were happy, after all, everyone likes to dress up every once in a while.  I have no idea why I didn't think to do that before. 

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  1. Chalk walls are awesome. We're going to paint the walls on the kitchen island with chalk paint soon so our son can draw on them. It will look much better than the ugly brown paint on it now!

  2. I love chalk walls! Our walls aren't as great at getting things off of it (pencil, crayon, PEN, MARKER OMG) but when I get around to painting Emmett's room, I'm going to use chalk and magnet primer before I put on the paint, so he can chalk to his heart's content & put whatever magnets he wants on there. :)

  3. great idea! I too have coveted those chalk walls, but there isn't anywhere good to paint one in our house. Nice to know it wipes right off the regular paint. :)


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