Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's All In the Presentation: A Banana Disguised As a Popsicle

Aias is a selective eater to say the least. Ever since we accidentally gave him a taste of wasabi that we thought was avocado, he's been wary about food. Before trying something new, he takes the tiniest speck of it and puts it on his tongue just to make sure it's ok. He also doesn't seem to like foods if they look a certain way, and one of those foods is bananas. I also think bananas are gross looking, so I don't blame him. Of course, bananas are really good for you, so I try every once in a while to get him to eat them. He's happy to have them in banana chip form so I know he doesn't mind the taste.

When Aias actually likes a food, we try to really run with it.  Lately Aias's favorite food is any kind of popsicle. We make them at home using yogurt, berries, stevia, omega-3 oil, etc. The other day he'd eaten them all and was asking for another, so I got a sneaky idea. I cut off a 3 inch piece of banana, and stuck it on a popsicle stick. I handed it to Aias expecting him to toss it, but instead he started eating it! And he continued to eat it! And he finished it!

I wonder if he will eat a piece of chicken off a popsicle stick too?

A banana disguised as a popsicle

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  2. Wow, he turned 1.5 so fast!

    What is it about food on sticks that makes them so appealing? I think your banana idea is definitely not 'bananas' and I have a 26 y/o fiance I want to try your tactic on...

  3. I made banana popsicles from banana's for my kids when they were little. Thanks for reminding me of them. I will make some for the grands. I grabbed your button, following, liked etc. Doylene

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  9. My son is a picky eater to! I try a few things but over all (after talking to the pediatrician) I do not cater to it. If he does not eat then he goes hungry until the next meal. Usually he still stays picky but he is getting better! stopping by from the FNF blog hop (one of the hosts!) Hope to see you on all my blogs! I have giveaways going on two of my blogs! Come by and enter!!

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