Saturday, June 25, 2011

If You Give a Toddler a Lush Bath Bomb...

Last weekend, like every year, I volunteered to coordinate the barricade volunteers for the Car Free Vancouver Commercial Drive Event. This year LUSH generously donated tons of bath bombs, bubble bars, and lotions for the volunteers. After the day was done and everyone had taken what they wanted, there was a huge box of stuff left. The Volunteer Coordinator who had picked it up said she wasn't taking any because it had already been in her house for three days and the smell (though lovely) would likely never go away as it is. I couldn't just let it get wasted so I ended up taking a ton home:

I don't know if you shop at LUSH, but what you are looking at here is some serious swag.  The bath bombs alone are $6 a piece and the bubble bars are $7 a piece (totally worth it if you have the cash to drop on luxury bath items, the ingredients are wholesome and the smell is to die for).  Those little things you see on the right, I think they are mini bath bombs or something, I'm not sure if they even sell them.  All I know is, they are perfect for toddler baths if you use 1 or 2 at a time. 

Anyhow, blah blah blah, long story short, I have a lot of LUSH kicking around my apartment now.  I had been putting one or two little tiny bath bomb bits into Aias's bath in the last week, but the other night I thought it would be hilarious to put him in the tub with a whole huge bath bomb. I figured he'd get a kick out of it since he loved the tiny ones so much, and how often are people able to give their toddlers indulgent luxury baths!  The results? Hilarious.  First off, he wanted to eat it and probably did have a bite or two. Luckily he quickly realized it was disgusting.  Second, it looked like a massacre of pink in my bathtub.  The walls of the tub and the water were the brightest pink I have ever seen.  I thought the dye would never come off the tub, but it did very easily.  Unfortunately, his hands were dyed pink for two days afterward (granted, I didn't give much of an effort to get the dye off, of course, that's not a battle worth choosing in my opinion).  The bath bomb literally took about 45 minutes to completely disintegrate so I have to say, you get your money's worth with those things for sure.

Thank you, LUSH, for giving me this experience.  My son will forever be a customer.

He loved holding it under the water, removing it, watching it fizz, repeat, repeat, repeat. I can't believe how long it survived despite him doing this for like 5 straight minutes at least.

Once he realized it sort of doubled as a bath crayon of sorts, he went to town.

"Um.. I didn't eat it, what are you talking about..."

Checking out the sweet pink bubbles.
The whole time all I was thinking of was A Christmas Story where Ralphie's dad kept saying he looked like a Pink Nightmare.

It looks like the scene of a giant bubblegum murder.

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