Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hump Day Afternoon Delight: Morgan's Special Healthy Rocket Pops

It's Thursday, I know, but I figure a late Hump Day Afternoon Delight is better than none at all.  Do any of you remember these?  NOM NOM!  Apparently they are called Rocket Pops; I had remembered them being called "Astro Pops" but evidently that's something entirely different.

These Rocket Pops are so delicious! They are also pure sugar, which means they are a no-go around here.  However, I stumbled upon some BPA free popsicle molds and Morgan decided to make his own version of the Rocket Pops.  He's been really excited about me posting the photos and recipe, and I've been lazy about it. So here it is, better late than never!

About 1.5 cups of Yogurt
Nutrasea Omega-3 Oil
Popsicle molds
Stevia to sweeten

This is a pretty easy process.  First you need to divide the yogurt up into 3 equal parts.  Each of the 3 parts will become one of the colors.  Choose your top color first; we chose red which is the strawberries.  Take a bit of the oil, stevia, yogurt and strawberries and pop them in the blender and blend. 

You'll need to do these with each of the colors.  If you'd like, you can do all the blending at one time and just put your colored yogurt mixes into separate bowls.  You can also do them one step at a time if you'd like (mix, pour, clean, mix, pour, clean, etc).

You'll want to either let each layer freeze a tiny bit before adding the next layer, or make sure the yogurt blends are very thick and pour them very carefully.  We didn't wait as we were eager, so our colors ran into each other a bit. 
So yes, that's it! They are pretty, right? They're not so bad for you, either, with each pop having Omega-3, yogurt, and fruit!  Much better than straight up sugar pops.

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  1. I might not be a toddler, but I'm loving the healthy popsicle recipes for myself!

    Thanks Monika!

  2. i totally remember these and LOVED them! i have definitely made a version of these, but never thought to layer them! thanks for sharing!

  3. They look yummy. I always think that popsicle molds will need more yogurt too, not sure why. I think I might go make some mango-lassi flavored ones now :)

  4. One thing is the sugar, but the coloring in those rocket pops!! It's just awful!!

    Yours look SO delicious :) Will look for the molds. Does the oil have a purpose with regards to freezing or is it just for the health? (about how much do you use?)

    Thanks for sharing the recipe - can't wait to try ;)


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