Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Wallflower Modern Diner and Eat for Education

When I was pregnant with Aias, I craved two foods: sushi and peanut butter toast.  More specifically, I craved peanut butter toast with old school Kraft peanut butter.  Just so you know, Morgan and I can't be trusted to have bread and peanut butter in the house.  If it enters the house, it enters our stomachs just as quickly. I went years with a serious gluten intolerance (pregnancy seemed to make it go away, I don't ask questions) so the last thing I needed was to go on a bread bender, and we all know how much fat is in peanut butter.  The natural solution to this problem was to go out for  a nice breakfast once a week, enjoy the toast, and walk away.  So this is exactly what we did.  It took us a while and several failed attempts at finding our perfect brunch spot, but we found it- right in Mount Pleasant!

I'm talking about The Wallflower Modern Diner.  As far as I'm concerned, this is the best brunch in the city.  Toward the second half of my pregnancy, we ate here once a week.  Morgan would always order something different and fancy like one of their benny's, and I'd stick to the basic omelet.  For $7 you got an omelet with any 3 ingredients (I always got avocado, tomato, bacon), delicious toast, hash browns, and greens.  The greens were my favorite part of this because I can't think of any other place in the city that offers greens with your breakfast order.  They also have the best salad dressing, in case you were curious.  This meal did everything to fulfill my greasy spoon breakfast craving but didn't leave me with a stomach of regret.  We'd also sometimes go for dinner, as their dinner menu also kicks serious butt.

During all those meals at The Wallflower, we would talk about how we couldn't believe a year from now (or 6 months from now, or 3 months from now) our little son would be born and would be able to eat there with us.  Naturally, we were really excited the first time we took him there.  A little scared as well, of course, because we didn't want him to make a scene and get us banned forever, but we were willing to chance it.  Now, I don't want to suggest that The Wallflower is set up to be primarily a family restaurant- it's not.  It's hip, modern, and always full of people who dress way better than Morgan and I could ever hope to.  That being said, it's definitely family friendly.  I can see this blog post showing up on their Google alerts or something and them being like "WOW this woman is going to have people showing up with hoards of toddlers, dear God." Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you Wallflower!  This place isn't Denny's, and since there is a fully licensed bar inside I wouldn't let your kids tear the place up or anything, but if your kid is pretty hip it's a nice place to take him.  And seriously, the staff are really friendly to people who bring their kids.  We've yet to have a waitress or waiter there who didn't really politely and genuinely greet Aias, offer him a special cup, and bring him a little extra plate to share some food on.    They never roll their eyes or make us feel like we've made the worst mistake of our lives by bringing him in. We always feel welcome there and we always have a great experience.  The only critique I would have is that they don't accept debit cards, but they do take credit cards and there is a cash machine in the back.

If you have been looking at an excuse to try out The Wallflower Modern Diner, you should pop in on May 4th, 2011.  The BC Foodies are putting on an event called Eat for Education.  If you dine at any one of the following restaurants you will help raise money for Mount Pleasant Elementary School:

The Wallflower Modern Diner
Eight 1/2 Restaurant and Lounge
3 Lions Cafe on Broadway
The Whip Gallery & Restaurant (I wouldn't bring a kid here, but if you go, get the chili lime wings!)
My Chef (This one is in the same building as the library)

You can get more information on this event at http://www.bcfoodies.com/

Now for some pictures!  We didn't tell The Wallflower we were going to do any kind of review or anything so we didn't take a ton of photos.  Not that this is even a review, it's more just me gushing over a place I love to eat.

Different specials everyday, always great stuff.  On this particular day Morgan got the Blue Plate and I got the Green Plate. 

Aias enjoying his special cup from the waitress.

The Blue Plate: A blackened halibut burger with fries... A+!

The Green Plate: Portabello Spaghetti with Garlic Cream Sauce and Goat Cheese... another A+

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