Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hump Day Afternoon Delight: A Piñata Cake!

Maybe Wednesdays will be all about contributions from other people, because at this rate I'm sort of liking that idea.  Today a long time family friend of mine, Jason Sanderson,  posted this Piñata cake on his Facebook and I begged to post it on here to share with all of you.  Jason, a single superdad of two, created this cake for his son's charity cake auction at school.  Evidently Jason has quite a reputation for making elaborate and interesting cakes and he loves to try and outdo himself each year!  I'm pretty blown away by how creative this cake is.  I hope some of you will get to make it for your older children; I don't think there will be any Piñata cakes around here for quite some time especially considering I had to fight for the inclusion of Baby Mum Mums! While I can't speak to the exact numbers, I guesstimate this cake has a few more grams of sugar than a Baby Mum Mum ;)

So without further delay I present to you:

Jason Sanderson's Anatomy of a Piñata Cake

If possible, try to make your own cake batter as the box ones are usually too moist. However, if you are brave,  get two different mixes for variety. I chose something simple, one yellow and one chocolate. Mix according to the directions on the box. Word of matter what you do, make CERTAIN you coat the pan with flour BEFORE you pour in the batter.

Base layer...a little moister than I thought, and part of it decided it wanted to stay in the pan, however, it can be shored up with frosting! :)

The inside cavity is created, and the 'pinata' is filled, with the same type of goodies in a regular pinata!  Simply hollow out a cavity in the center, leaving at least 1 1/2 inches to the edge, and pack it in good with whatever candy or prizes you choose.

The crumb coating is added next, and the 'dead spaces' are filled with Skittles, to make certain the top layer does not collapse.  The crumb coating helps keep the cake together while you are getting ready to put on the top layer. Before you do that, make certain the bottom layer is as level as possible.

The top layer, and the rest of the crumb coating are, for the finishing touch!
Carefully lifting the top layer, lay it on the base layer and keep the edges and corners as lined up as possible. Unless you've left a good 'wall' for the cavity, do NOT try to trim the base layer to match if it should 'spill over'. Either apply any trimmed top layer bits to make up the difference or use frosting. The coconut will cover it up.

Use only 1/2 - 1/3 a bag of coconut for each color. Use the food coloring to your choice, more makes a darker color, less makes a more pastel, you can mix and match and make your own colors as well! If the cake is big enough, try cutting it in the shape of something before making the cavity...a cardboard template will make this easier.  Shredded coconut, colored with food coloring, is then added to look like the 'shredded paper' of a regular pinata. Enjoy! :)

Pretty amazing, eh?  I think this recipe would also translate amazingly well into cupcakes!

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  2. This is probably the most fun, awesome thing I've seen all month XD Dang, I need to try this! Great idea!

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  9. What a cool idea! Definitely an unexpected filling, and awesome surprise! :p


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