Saturday, May 28, 2011

How We Almost Accidentally Cooked Aias in Our MEC Bike Trailer (That We Still Love)

The theme of the day seems to be my parenting shortcomings, so here's another parent fail for you.  This entry is in no way intended to insult the MEC Bike Trailer or any other bike trailer for that matter, it's just a tiny public service notice so that no one actually does cook their kid in a bike trailer on a hot day.  I definitely don't think the MEC Bike Trailer is inherently dangerous. 

Last weekend we took a bike ride around the city, starting at our apartment and biking along the seawall, and stopping at Granville Island and Kits beach along the way. It was a pretty awesome day.  Morgan always has the bike trailer on the back of his bike and I always bike solo.  The day was sunny and warm, but it definitely wasn't what I would call hot.  We had Aias dressed in thin pants and a thin shirt and of course he was wearing his bike helmet.  The MEC Bike Trailer has a double layered flap across the top that creates a barrier between the child and anything that may fly into the carrier while you ride, be it dirt, water or what have you.  The top flap is made of plastic and the flap under it is a screen of sorts.  There's a little note on it that says to always have this flap down regardless of weather, and I guess Morgan and I interpreted it as us having BOTH flaps down.  It wasn't a hot day, like I said, and we were honestly a little nervous that Aias would get too cold from all the wind generated from the bikes going so fast.  We opted to put both flaps down.  After getting Aias settled in his carrier, we went merrily on our way.

About halfway to Granville Island, I looked in at Aias and he looked like he needed his head readjusted. We pulled over to the side of the path and lifted up the flaps.  A bunch of hot air flowed out and we looked at Aias sleeping peacefully in a veritable pool of sweat.  We roused him and took him out, removed his helmet and got him some air. We were really shocked at how hot it was getting in there.  It didn't seem like it could get that hot, but we had basically trapped Aias in a moving greenhouse.  I nursed him to hydrate him, we folded up the plastic flap leaving only the screen down, and off we went. When we got to the beach Aias was fine and the inside of the trailer wasn't very hot at all, in fact, it was just right.

I often read stories of people's dogs and kids dying from overheating in cars, and I always think I'd be "way too smart" to ever "let" that happen.  The truth is, no one is impervious to such an accident.  If you have a trailer or any device that seals your kid inside, try to remember about the greenhouse effect!

Aias happily playing at the beach not even knowing that he narrowly escaped death just 30 minutes before!

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  1. Wow, lucky you stopped to check on him! I'll have to keep this in mind if/when we get something similar...

  2. Yikes! How scary! I think we all learn lessons and have "parent fail" moments. It happens!

    Thanks for linking up again. You sure do "always follow back". I loved making my rounds visiting last week and seeing your comments on all of the blogs. ; )

  3. OMG That's so scary! It's scary how quickly things like that can happen :(

    I'm a new follower from Super Stalker Sunday btw, and your blog is great :)

  4. Very scary! I found you through the hop. I'd love for you to follow my new blog :)


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