Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Fool Your Toddler (Or Yourself!) Into Thinking You Are Eating Crackers

Well ok, I guess these are crackers, but not the typical variety.  I love carbs in any form, particularly in the form of chips or crackers. Aias feels exactly the same way. Of course much like most parents, we don't like to stuff him with empty calories or piles of carbs if we can help it. An excellent solution to this is raw food crackers. These crackers are made of dehydrated and pressed raw ingredients so you get all the nutrients of fresh veggies but in the form of a satisfying cracker. I swear to you, they are delicious. I've seen a few recipes online that describe how to make them, but it looks like a huge pain in the neck. We buy ours from Organic Lives* near Science World.  It costs $5.50 for a package of 10 (they are large) so they aren't for everyday, but it's nice to know he's getting some nutrients.  Especially on days like today when he had yam fries for lunch. Another Organic Lives toddler and adult favorite around here are the Sesame Onion Gaufrettes.

Eating laying down and in bed, A+ parenting.


Because the macro function on my camera is so darn fun.
*This isn't a sponsored post or anything, we are just posting it of our own free will and because we are becoming Organic Lives fanpeople.  Of course, if you are Organic Lives and want to give us freebies, we will never say no to such a thing ;)

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