Monday, May 16, 2011

Hardcore Healthnut: Kale, Omega-3, and Protein Breakfast Smoothie

You may have noticed a trend in some of my entries about food; Morgan is a health food nut.  Day in and day out he reads about health and nutrition, scrutinizes ingredient lists, and sends unhealthy foods packing.  So some people have asked me, "what DOES Morgan eat?"  Well, Morgan eats lots of things both healthy and unhealthy, but the food he eats everyday that makes me feel like he would do extremely well on Fear Factor is his Kale, Omega-3 and Protein Breakfast Smoothie.  Morgan swears these smoothies power him through his day and that if he misses a day, he feels tired and sluggish.  Every day he offers some to me, and every day I give him an annoyed look.   The one thing I love about these daily smoothies is that at least he's not a hypocrite, saying Aias can't have junk food and then turning around and eating it himself.  Wait until you see this madness... I present to you:

Morgan's Kale, Omega-3, and Protein Breakfast Smoothie
An amazing blender; we use a Breville. 
Morgan dreams of a Vitamix!

Organic fruit of your choice, today he used orange and banana
1/2 bunch of fresh organic Kale
10 grams of Ascenta Nutrasea Omega-3 Oil
25 grams of Greens+ Vegan Protein Powder
1/2 cup water or juice, depending on how well the kale is blending

Peel the fruit and toss it into the blender. I just noticed he didn't photograph the banana, oops. It's in there though, trust me.


Next comes the 10 grams of oil.  Weigh it out (the blender is on a scale you just can't see it).

Now you put in the kale!  You will probably need to put it on pulse, but believe us, it will liquify!

See? I told you!

Now you toss in the 25 grams of Greens+ Vegan Protein Powder.  You can use any protein powder you like, but this one smells like cake batter for some reason.  I doubt if it tastes like it, but who knows, I'm not willing to try it because I'm not very adventurous and the very thought of protein powder totally grosses me out.  Morgan swears it "tastes great." 

When it's all blended, put it into a mug.  There you have it folks; breakfast

I will personally be sticking to coffee and eggs, but Morgan is a lot more fit than I am so maybe you should follow his lead instead of mine.  By the way, Aias will also eat this quite happily, both out of a cup, out of a bowl with a spoon, or frozen as a popsicle!

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  1. Doesn't seem too bad. I may try making this minus the organic and protein powder and oil stuff, but the rest doesn't sound all that bad. If I had a

  2. This looks really healthy! I’m your newest follower. I found you off of “I love my online friends Monday hop”. Cheers,

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