Monday, May 2, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Thanks so much for your participation in our first giveaway, I really appreciate! Thank you so much everyone, seriously!   My apologies that the results are a little late, I was trying to figure out the best program for randomizing. It turns out is awesome and easy, so yay.

I decided to pull two names, since I had planned on pulling one name for every 50 entries, and Morgan said that since we have 57 names I should pull two.  Sounds fair to me!  So without further hesitation, our winners are comments #55 and #27 :

So congratulations to Cathy and Francine!  You can email your address for mailing at aiasdotca @   Don't forget to post on your facebooks and twitters that you won ;)

Thanks again to everyone!!!  This was not your last chance at the adorable socks; I will probably do another giveaway very soon, as I will have some socks left.

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