Monday, May 9, 2011

7 Funny Things I Took Photos of in Victoria, BC

We took a trip to Victoria for Mother's Day.  I have tons of precious family photos I need to edit and post, but first I will present the funny photos I took of random things I saw throughout the day.

1.  Once we had paid for our ticket we parked our car and decided to head into the terminal to use the washroom.  I was browsing in a shop when I came across this packaging for a child harness. Where do I even begin?

2. It's a darn good thing they put up this "Do not shake the Greek Salad" sign, because if they hadn't, that's probably exactly what I would have done.

3.  Hahaha... oh, wait.  THIS ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL!  Why is the ferry so expensive all of a sudden? And this was for ONE WAY! We had to pay the same exact fair on the way back.  Next time I guess I should hide in the trunk or something? 

4.This was on a relief outside the BC Legislature building.  It made me laugh because nowadays, Shakespeare would have had his funding cut. Oh wait, that's not funny either...

5.  This was the inside of a shop that's up for lease.  Probably another not-so-funny since obviously the business went down because of the crappy economy.  At any rate, Morgan's dad thought it would be funny if I took a picture of the butts with the word "ROAR" in the picture.  So, I did!

6. This was outside a cigar shop.

7.  We were down by the water and I was reading this sign.  Everything seemed normal until.... do you see it?

In case you missed it up there, here it is!

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  2. Those are some very strange pics. Your newest GFC, twitter and networked blogs follower. Oh and the first pic...I have that for my daughter! Never used it as a leash. She just likes to wear the monkey backpack and thinks the leash is his long tail. Have a great day!

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  7. haha these are embarrassing photos to represent my hometown but pretty accurate :P


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