Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tensegrity Version 3.0

We were going to cool it a bit with the tensegrity domes and spheres, but yesterday my friend Jessica came over and we took a walk to the new dollar store near Yukon and Broadway where I excitedly stumbled upon the biggest straws I had ever seen.  Seriously, these are some really gigantic straws.  While most people probably see straws for what they are, when we see straws we see the ingredients of a dome/sphere.  I called Morgan immediately in my state of excitement and after dinner we walked over to the store and picked out 2 bags of these lovely giant straws in a humble shade of blue.  Perhaps you remember the last tensegrity sphere that we created out of much smaller straws?  This time we basically just constructed the same 30 strut sphere but with straws about 3x as long. The results? Pure awesomeness.

The materials:  
- Largest straws ever
- Large Paper Clips
- Elastic Bands

Just so you can see the difference in size of the straws. We cut off the flexi part.  When we created the red dome, we cut off the straw part of the red spoons. 

An unexpected bonus? The flexi parts of the straws that we cut off are kind of cool.  Aias and I were playing with them and I was calling them worms.   They hook together and bend into different positions.  I wouldn't exactly feel comfrotable letting him play unsupervised with them (choking hazard?) but he had a blast playing with them while I sat with him. 

The new tensegrity sphere next to the older one

Size comparisons of our recent spheres

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