Monday, April 25, 2011

Crayon Love

Aias recently hit one of my favorite milestones to date; he can properly colour with crayons! At around 12 months old I tried to give Aias some weird toddler crayons that looked like little weeble wobbles and he promptly chomped on them with his two little teeth. Within minutes the actual crayon part was history, and the little crayon tips weren't seen again until his next diaper change.  At Christmas just over a month later my Oma and Opa gave Aias a package of washable toddler crayons and despite my better judgment, I allowed him to play with them basically for my grandparent's enjoyment.  Of course, he pulled them right up to his mouth. I figured crayons would just have to put aside for another day in the possibly distant future, but last week I was cleaning a shelf and Aias found the crayons. I showed him how they mark the paper as he had with a pen about a month earlier, and all of a sudden I had a little artist on my hands. Unfortunately, he seems to be more interested in designing murals on the walls, but thank goodness for the existence of washable crayons.  Right now my wall and his kiddie table both look pretty marked up, but it's nothing a wet microfiber cloth can't fix.  I'm sure I'll someday be full of regret that I have allowed my child to draw on the wall with crayons.  I imagine on this day it will be Aias holding a sharpie up to the wall and not understanding the mixed message of why he's allowed to draw on the wall with a washable crayon but not a permanent marker, but we will simply cross that bridge if and when we get to it.  That's what magic erasers and paint are for. 

For those of you with kids the same age who still have kids who want to make a toddler Hors d'Ĺ“uvre out of every crayon, no worries.  This isn't to say he doesn't like to snack and nibble on a crayon or two,  after all, he's 17 months old and he's teething.  Of course, if he does start to nibble it generally just means he's done colouring and ready to move on to another activity.

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