Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Driving Lesson for Vancouver Drivers

I want to take a moment to give a special mini-driving lesson to everyone here who drives, with a special emphasis on drivers here in Vancouver: if you see a stop sign, that means STOP the car.

Take the diagram below, for example. If you are in the yellow car, and the green car has a red light, YOU STILL HAVE TO STOP!!! The stop sign isn't to be ignored just because the people going the other direction have a red light. ALWAYS stop at a stop sign. Even if the person in front of you already stopped, YOU STILL HAVE TO STOP. STOP AT STOP SIGN!

Just to drive the point home, here is a little quiz for you:

You are at an intersection.
You are driving from east to west.
On the road going east to west are two stop signs.
On the road going north to south are traffic lights.
If the cars driving south to north have a red light, do you have to stop at the stop sign or do you have a free-for-all situation on your hands?


Everyone will benefit from your stop. No one wants to get run down by a car because a driver doesn't understand the concept of a stop sign. Which, I might add, is pretty much a universal symbol for STOPPING. I know I'm not the only one who finds this annoying, if not completely terrifying. I also know I've asked a few drivers about it, and there are actually people who have said they think the stop sign "doesn't count anymore" if there is a red light for the other cars. Head, meet desk. Car, meet human being. Human being, meet prison unless you learn to stop at a freaking stop sign.

One more lesson: if you are a pedestrian in Vancouver, remember to be defensive. Don't assume the cars are going to stop. In this city, they probably won't.

/end angry anti-car rage.

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