Friday, July 2, 2010

An Amazing Day at the Grouse Grind

Today was amazing; we did the Grouse Grind with Aias for the first time!

The secret to hiking with a baby is definitely to get a baby carrier that's designed for hiking... we thought that our Ergo or our Beco would be good for hiking, but the reality is, he gets way too hot in those carriers and he'd also get hurt way worse in those carriers if we tripped and fell.  Our hiking carrier, the MEC Happy Trails, is designed to protect him from being squished and it also lets air circulate around him.  It also has lots of storage; both a smaller storage pocket that is attached, and a backpack that is attachable and removable.  For short trips, we only need the smaller pocket. 

Aias was pretty proud to get to the top, and he enjoyed trying to eat his "TOT" pass for the Gondola. 

Another tip for hiking with babies; no wearing cotton!  Cotton is terrible if your baby gets wet, as it will make them cold.  Great fabrics are polyester or merino wool.  Today Aias was wearing a Red Halo Technical Comfort System Two Piece Set, which protected him from the sun, from bugs, and would have protected him in the event of rain. 

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