Monday, June 28, 2010

Toddler Treats: Kale and Chorizo

If sharing with your toddler, make sure to take extra time to cut the chorizo into teeny tiny bits to reduce the choking risk. 


One yellow onion
Two bunches of kale
Olive oil
Chorizo or any other sausage
Tomatoes - cherry tomatoes look better, but it doesn't matter.
Salt to taste

-Turn on the skillet, add some olive oil, add your chopped onion.
-Chop your chorizo.  Remember, tiny bits for tiny people.
-Add it to the onions, stir.
-Take your kale, rip the leaves off the stems and rip them up fairly small. Toss them in, stir so everything is mixed.
-Add a SMALL amount of water and cover..
-Chop up the tomatoes (halve them if they're cherry tomatoes, otherwise cut them to that size) and toss them in. This should take one or two plum tomatoes, or the equivalent amount of cherries.
-Cover again until the tomatoes are soft and wrinkled.
-Take the lid off, and optionally raise the heat and push everything to the side to allow some of that extra water to boil off.

Final result:

Thanks to Conuly from Livejournal for this recipe!!!

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