Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A+ Parenting: Lasagna Survivor

I made lasagna.
I cooked lasagna.
I cut a piece of lasagna.
I cooled the piece of lasagna.
I gave the piece of lasagna to Aias as he sat in his high chair
Aias played with lasagna for 20 minutes.
He ate a few pieces, the rest was on the floor.
I ran the bath water.
I put him in there.
I scrubbed him, I thought, pretty darn thoroughly.
He played for 15 minutes.
I took him out.
I dried him off.
I put a diaper on him.
I sent him on his way to play in the living room.
He opened his right hand, and a piece of lasagna fell out of it.
He had been holding it the WHOLE time.
The dog ate it.
The end.

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