Friday, January 8, 2010

2 Months Old Today!!!

Today Aias is 2 months old!

Aias is entering an entirely new state of being. He's no longer just a cute little lump that sleeps/cries/poos/pees/eats. Now he's a moving, flailing little person who does all of those things but also looks at and grabs and holds toys, sucks on his hands, likes to pull at my hair and rub his lips on my face, drools, etc, etc. He's getting there. Lately he seems to have "preferences" as to where he is sitting, how is being handled, etc. I hope he doesn't have an attitude soon =P

One thing that I'm sort of "eh" about is that he apparently now needs to go down to bed earlier than me at night. Up until the last few days, we sort of just existed at whatever time, awake at the same times, asleep at the same times, or with him asleep on my lap. The last few nights he's gotten overtired and just screamed for about 5-10 minutes before I was able to nurse him to sleep. This always happens around 11 or so. It's strange and sad and scary for me to hear him cry, because honestly, he normally doesn't. He fusses at best, I pick him up, and he's all happy. This is like... face turning red, tears flying out, lips turning blue crying he's done the past few nights. He's clearly doing it because he's over tired. Then I nurse him and he falls asleep totally fighting it (the sleep, not the nursing). I guess this means I'll have to do something like, give him a bed time or something. Who knows. I've never been able to schedule myself, never mind another person. I think I'll try putting him to bed at like 9, if he goes he goes, if not whatever. Then at 10 if 9 fails. Scary territory!

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