Friday, December 18, 2009

Diaper Reviews!

My baby has scrawny thighs, so all that should be taken into consideration when considering the ratings.

I own the following diapers:

- 6 ESbaby Newborn fitteds
- 3 ESbaby Newborn Covers
- 6 Sarah's Stitches Soakers
- 6 Kissaluvs Fitteds
- 6 Kissaluvs Contours
- 6 Bagshot Row Bamboo Diapers
- 4 gDiapers
- 2 Bummis Organic Prefolds
- 2 Bummis Superbrites (Covers)
- 6 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (Covers)
- 4 Kawaii Baby Covers (Very similar to Bummis, but onesize)
- 3 Kawaii Baby Pockets
- 1 Happy Heinys Pocket
- 2 Baby Kangas Pocket
- 16 Coolababy Pocket
- 1 Bumgenius Pocket
- 2 Fuzzibunz Pocket
- 4 Minkies
- 2 Fuzzibunz

We have a diaper service that brings us 70 small prefold diapers every Friday and takes the old ones with them to wash.  It's AMAZING.  We honestly regret buying all of those other diapers, even though they are so cute.  The diaper service would totally have been enough.  Anyway, I got to use lots of the diapers we own in the last few days because I screwed up our order with the diaper service last week so we only got 50 for this past week and we ran out early.  Luckily we got our shipment today and it was the full 70, but this did allow me to rate some of the diapers we own.

As for stores, I would suggest shopping at:

I have:

Coolababy Pockets: These are one size pockets and they look just like fuzzibunz.  We just tried them and they were too wide around the thighs for my son; the pee would just come right out (onto me!).  They have excellent ratings on that diaperpin site, despite the fact that they are so inexpensive.  I think we will end up getting rid of them because I can't imagine his thighs will ever really be big enough for them. A friend borrowed one and her baby is the same age as my son but has chunky thighs, and they were perfect for her.

Kissaluvs Fitteds( I loved these when he was a newborn, but they are expensive. If I were wealthy, I would probably buy a huge stash of these.  Probably my entire stash would be these.

Kissaluvs Contours( Same as the Kissaluvs fitteds, I loved these.  They need a Snappi to secure them.  They are very soft and were easy to fit to his shape.

ESbaby Fitteds(  These are beautiful and they work just as well as the Kissaluvs.  But much like the Kissaluvs, they are sort of pricy.  You can actually get them for somewhat cheaper from her site if you buy plain ones in bulk.  I strongly recommend them if you have a slightly bigger budget.

Bagshot Row Bamboo:  I have 6 of these, they are gorgeous, but they are too big for him right now so I can't even imagine trying to put them on him.

Baby Kangas, Happy Heineys, Fuzzibunz, BumGenius, Minkies All pockets, all seem the same to me quite frankly.  I had Aias in a BumGenius overnight and it definitely did the job as everyone always says.  They are all tight enough around the leg to contain his pee.

Kawaii Baby ( StayDryCover.htmThese were like $5 each and honest to God, they work as well as the Bummis do (although I love Bummis and will continue to use them to support a Canadian company). This lady sells them on ebay and she lives in Richmond, BC, Canada so I was going to meet her in person to buy them but ended up having her ship them.  They are awesome and I wish I got more of them.   The pockets were awesome too.  Definitely worth the money.

Bummis Superbrites and Super Whisper Wraps (Covers) I can't say enough good about these... they are cute, easy to clean, don't look mangled after washing, they are comfortable on my baby and they keep the explosions out of his clothes.  If I could turn back time, I would just have bought a bunch of these.

Sarah's Stitches Soakers These are soft, lovely, and work well.  The only downside is that they pull up, and Morgan is scared to hurt the baby when pulling them up.  Sarah can add snaps or velcro to them for another dollar or so, so when I order more, that's what I'll do!

Our regular diapering routine is using a pre-fold contour with a Bummis Wrap.  We are super pleased with this and have no explosions.

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