Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Six

It's really hard for me to believe that Aias has already experienced one of each of the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc, etc). Tomorrow he will be one week old! I feel like this one week of his life has gone by very quickly and as though just yesterday he was brand spanking new... yet at the same time, I feel like he has always been in our lives.

Every morning something new comes up, seems really difficult, and by the end of the day, we've figured it out.

Last night was... amazing. I had done some reading on Attachment Parenting and decided to try an experiment. I wanted to see if we could build a good foundation of trust with Aias; I want him to know that even when he is alone, when he feels scared or vulnerable, mommy and daddy will always come for him. Morgan and I held Aias for the vast majority of the day, letting him nap on us instead of just napping in his crib. We paid lots of attention to him, and cuddled him quite a bit. I combined this with long feeding sessions, making sure he ate as much as possible. His sleep, alert time, and input/output seemed to be at the perfect balance throughout the day. I cannot tell you how much better a full baby sleeps than a baby that isn't full... luckily my supply is PERFECT; I even have some milk frozen already for a day when it isn't. Anyway, all of this resulted in us getting TONS of sleep last night. I mean, it's all relative... we went down for 2 hour chunks, woke up for 20-30 minute feeds, and repeat. That means i probably got about 6 hours of sleep last night. Today during the day I even got to take 2 hour long naps. It was a huge relief. Now we just get to see if we can replicate this tonight...

Our friends from the centering pregnancy group, Christy and Becky, brought me over their son's clothes that he has outgrown as well (he's a month older than Aias) and now Aias has a few outfits that are actually small enough to fit him... but not for long!!! He's REALLY growing. We can see it in his face, arms, tummy, and legs. It's adorable. I love knowing that all the time at the boob is worth it!

We updated lots of new pictures to Flickr, if you haven't seen them yet:

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