Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Four

So far my favorite thing about parenting is how quickly things get WAY easier. No matter how confusing and alien things are to begin with, hours later they have already become a habit. It's like... constantly getting given prizes and repeat positive outcomes on your anxieties. Love it. So far this has been true of diapering and feeding. I'm hoping that soon we figure out the hours between 11pm and 7am...

That being said, last night started off as hell. We've found that during the day, Aias is a charm. He is alert, quiet, likes to be fed, doesn't mind his diaper being changed, likes to snuggle, etc. The second evening comes, he turns into little Mr. Fussypants. He doesn't want his diaper changed, he doesn't want to latch without fussing tons first (or clamping down on the boobs with his gums), he doesn't want to sleep alone, etc, etc. Last night at around 11pm we thought we would get ahead and go to bed. But of course, Aias had to feed, then he wouldn't sleep in his bassinet, he had to be held. Then he had to feed. Then he wouldn't sleep. Then he had to feed. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I think he was nursing every 30 minutes or so, for about 10-15 minutes at a time. This went on for hours. At around 2:30am Morgan said we should let him cry a bit and go downstairs for a few minutes so we could collect ourselves and he could collect himself. I snapped back no, that I wasn't leaving my child for 5 minutes, and Morgan just took the dog downstairs for a little sleep. A few minutes later I was grouchy about it and went downstairs and just told Morgan to get upstairs if he was gonna sleep. He wanted me to come with him but I said NO JUST GO. He felt really badly and even though I was the one who snapped at him, he kept apologizing. Morgan is much more calm than me =)

Once they were upstairs, I sat in the rocker and fed Aias. After a long feed, I put him in his crib. He didn't cry at ALL... just sort of laid there looking cute and milk drunk, and went to sleep. I grabbed a stuffed animal and blanket, and laid on the carpeted floor. I think I actually managed to sleep for almost 2 hours, then woke him, had another feed, went back to sleep. An hour later, he awoke, fed, went back to sleep.

He obviously just hates his bassinet, or hates the bedroom up there, or just prefers the crib and co-sleeping. I don't really blame him. When he's in his bassinet he's alone, and when he's feeding or co-sleeping he's with us. At any rate, for whatever reason, he wants to be down here. Fine. If that's what he wants, that's what we will do. Tonight we will try co-sleeping one more time (because this morning I managed to latch him laying down!) and if that doesn't work, then we are bringing our mattress down here for a while so we can sleep in his room, where he is clearly happier to be.

In other funny news, you wouldn't believe the amount of pee and poo coming out of this tiny person... and the powerful spray I can feel through his layers of diaper and covers when he is pooping while he eats and when my hand is under his butt. Its HILARIOUS.

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