Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Five

Aias is 5 days old today!!! It feels so weird. I can't believe this time last week I was still pregnant. And really fussy about it!

I've been holding Aias all day. He has been feeding about every 45 minutes for between 10-15 minutes, so you can imagine how drained I feel. Literally, ha! I love that pun. We went to our lactation consultant appointment today and it went so well... apparently everything is going perfectly. Awesome. His birth weight was 6lbs90z, he was 6lbs 1oz the next day, and now he's 6lbs 4oz. I love feeding him now because I want to make him a sumo baby. I also love how the breast milk helps his jaundice. I'm giddy when I change a diaper full of bilirubin (sp?)because I know he's working through the jaundice. Boob win! But I'll admit it would be pretty awesome if Morgan had boobs too..

In general life is great. Strangely enough, our lives are easier and less stressful now than they were before the baby. I guess that shows how busy we were before. We just have it really easy now as neither of us us to work. After this weekend Morgan has another 11 weeks off and I am not going back til November. Our #1 job right now is parenting. It's so blissful.

I thought I had way more to say. But now I have to feed my child again.

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