Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 9

We are pretty certain Aias has had his first mega growth spurt... last night he started eating at 8pm and didn't stop til 4am. No exaggeration. No stretch. He literally ate for 8 hours, with breaks ONLY to change his many, many pee and poo filled diapers. What a work ethic! His one job is to grow and he pulled off an 8 hour shift. I was pretty sure this wasn't normal, and but I researched it last night and called the doctor this morning and lo and behold, it's 100% normal.


Evidently he was cluster feeding because of a growth spurt. Yippee. On the bright side, apparently he will be sleepy for a few days now while his body grows.

I was slightly disappointed when I woke up this morning and my child wasn't 6 feet tall. But I swear, he's bigger!

This morning I woke up and was looking at him and I swear he was thinking "Aww man mom, you have no idea how tired I am. I was eating for like 8 straight hours last night! My life as a baby is such hard work!"

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