Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 22

Wow. We haven't posted in a few days, mostly because Aias is having his 3 week growth spurt so he has basically lived at the boob for a few days.  I'm normally holding him 20 hours a day or so (literally) and I don't love typing with one hand which is normally my only option. My laptop charger is also broken so that adds to how complicated it is.  Anyway, we will try to be more loyal updaters from here on out...

The bub had two awesome sleep nights a few nights ago, then we screwed it up last night by staying up last night by staying up to watch Twin Peaks.  Awesome sleep meaning, he sleeps for 2 hours, eats, sleeps for 2 more hours, eats, etc, etc.  It's amazing how long 2 hours of sleep feels to me now... even an hour nap feels awesome because it's so rare!  Lately he's also been a bit fussy, which we attribute to gas.   He's nonstop farting. It's hilarious unless it looks like he's in pain, then it's really sad.

Yesterday Aias had his first long walk with us in his moby wrap.  It was pretty awesome, although it really showed me how much I need to work on my lower back once I'm ok to exercise.  I think that holding Aias is going to give me very strong arms and a very strong back.  Today Morgan tried the wrap and we were going to walk to the bank together, but it ended up being way too windy to justify bringing the baby out. 

Today he has just been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.  It's 10:30 now and we are watching South Park.  It honestly doesn't feel like it's that late to us, however, because like I said before... the time of day/date/day of the week are all completely irrelevant to us lately!  I'm sure we will soon regret letting him sleep like this all day...

Tomorrow our goal is to be well rested enough to go to Sears and get our long awaited stroller. Morgan has been researching them for days. 

Ok he needs to eat.

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