Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 12

Last night was amazing sleep-wise for the baby... he did the thing all books CLAIM babies do, and he slept for 3 hours, ate/had a new dipe, and then repeated that. We got lots of sleep, Aias slept in his OWN crib, and Morgan and I got to sleep together instead of Morgan and the dog being banished to the couch while Aias and I get our bed. Aias hated his bassinet the first night, and we wanted to sleep in the same room as him, so we brought out mattress downstairs and put it in Aias's room. So I have literally not gone upstairs to my bedroom in like... I don't know, 5 days? And even then it was probably to get a shirt or something (Morgan usually gets my clothes for me now, haha). We have proven that if we had to we could easily share a 1 bedroom apartment with this baby. Hopefully we never have to, though.

Today was exciting because we got three unexpected packages in the mail!

The first was from Auntie Erika/Uncle Shaun/Auntie Jessika/Monny/Papa and had lots of great stuff in it- including a newborn Christmas outfit that I secretly hope WON'T fit him on Christmas, haha. I want to chub this kid up as quickly as possible! It will be a cute December outfit though, and probably one of the only things that actually fits him at the moment since he's such a peanut.

The second was a cute (and I believe, handmade) blankie and sweater combo from Morgan's Great Aunt Hazel. Adorable.

The third was a baby blanket from Morgan's employers. Looks like a great blanket for tummy time!

 Sorry for the sideways pictures.  It us either have a 5 minute nap or rotate them, and nap wins.

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