Friday, November 6, 2009

40 Weeks Pregnant Today!

It is surreal that it is November 6th, our due date.  However, we don't have a baby to show for it yet, and I will admit that's a little frustrating to me.

I've never before this had so little responsibility. I'm used to juggling a full time job, several contract jobs, a relationship, friendships, my adorable dog, and a board of directors position, all while making it to the gym everyday and eating healthy. I like to be superwoman. Right now my only responsibility is to get this baby born safely and to stay healthy. This feels alien to me. I need time to adjust to it, and I honestly crave being busy. I have no problem being overwhelmed with activity and responsibility, but I start to crash when I am feeling idle. I'm honestly craving the lack of sleep, the diaper changings, the feedings, the learning curve.

I know the baby is going to come. I know that first pregnancies often run post due. I know that no one stays pregnant forever. I know that he will come when he's ready. I know that I need to be patient. I know that if I relax he will come. I know that he will pick his own birthday. I know due dates mean nothing. I know that this will all feel so much better once I'm holding him. I know I need to "have faith in my body."

It's so funny that I have all these little pregnancy countdown tickers that will now end because I've reached my "final destination." Now it's really the home stretch, and I need to just.... wait.  Tick...tick...tick...

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