Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Vaccinate Yourself Against Friends and Family

Right now our Facebooks are heavily wrought with vaccination talk, whether pro-vax or anti-vax.

The good news is that as a result, a new vaccination is on the market now, and it can safely protect you against pesky excess relationships with friends and family.

It's an expensive and busy time in our society; we have so little time and money to nurture relationships with friends and family.  And there are all those birthday presents and Christmas cards you have to deal with, and that shit ain't free!  But who wants to deal with awkward things like drifting apart naturally or dropping excess relationships formally?

If you are feeling bogged down by all these relationships, I have good news for you. Now you can vaccinate yourself against excess friends and family.  Wait, don't be scared.

Here is some more info on this vaccination:

- It's 100% Free
- It's quick and easy
- So far thousands upon thousands of people have taken this vaccine and it has resulted in ZERO vaccine injuries (NO LIE)
- It's physically painless and requires no needle
- Zero adjuvants are present in this vaccine
- It can be done from your own home, or even your phone
- This vaccine will work no matter what your opinion is on vaccines!!! (BEST)

Here's how you vaccinate yourself:

1.  Post any current blog entry about vaccines.
2.  Post any current graphic or "e-card" image about vaccines.

Repeat steps 1 and 2, as often as possible. Preferably dozens of times a day.

Not working quickly enough? Still have too many relationships to worry about?

You may need a booster.

Here's how the booster works:

1. Create two custom friends lists on your Facebook.
2. Put all the Anti-Vax friends and family in one list. Put all the Pro-Vax friends in another list.
3. Post all pro-vax images and links so that ONLY your anti-vax friends can see them.
4. Post all anti-vax images and links so that ONLY your pro-vax friends can see them.


You didn't like your sister that much anyway. You can thank me later.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Get Ready for the Vancouver Home + Design Show

The Vancouver Home + Design Show is coming up from October 16-19, 2014 at BC Place Stadium. Whether you have a huge beautiful house, or a modest downtown condo, this is the place to go to check out some new products and solutions to make your place feel like home.

The Vancouver Home + Design Show is where it all comes together for any home improvement project! With big names like Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan, stars of Cottage Life TV’s Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure, Bryan Baeumler, host of HGTV's Leave it to Bryan, and culinary master Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, plus local design and foodie favourites, more than 325 exhibitors and a slew of sensational new features, there’s expert insight, innovation and inspiration for living well at every turn. Satisfaction guaranteed – or the cost of admission is on them!

As always, you can get all the info about this event from us at Aias Dot Ca, and you can also win free tickets below! 

DATE AND TIME:Thursday, October 16th  4:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday, October 17th  12-noon – 9:00pmSaturday, October 18th  10:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday, October 19th  10:00am – 6:00pm

PRICE:Adults: $15
Adults ONLINE $12
Seniors (60+) $12 or $5 Thursday & Friday before 5:00pm (Box Office & Online)
Seniors (60+) ONLINE $9
Children (12 and under) FREE

VENUE:BC Place Stadium

ADDRESS:777 Pacific Blvd, V6B 4Y8


Do you want to win tickets? Head over to the Parent Perks Facebook Page and comment on the image.  Or enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, September 22, 2014

Say Hello to the Granola Strolla!

 *** TL;DR? Check out the Granola Strolla Kickstarter here! ***

I am constantly losing my mind over my phone battery. Since having children, my cell phone has become my lifeline in a lot of ways.  We don't have a landline, so my phone number is the only number where I can be reached.  God forbid I have to call 911, it's the only phone I have.  I haven't bothered to get an updated camera because the camera on my phone is so good, so my phone is my primary camera as well.  My schedule, my contacts, my photos, my email... it all lives in my phone. And of course, I access social media (other adults, yay!) primarily through my phone, because there's no way I would ever be able to find time during the day to sit in front of a computer with two kids underfoot.

The only thing I don't love about my phone is the battery life.  Because I have so much going on with the phone, the battery almost always kicks the bucket by 6 or 7pm, and that's with minimal use, on power saving mode.  We purchased an emergency charger which is good to have in a pinch, but you have to actually remember to charge the emergency charger every night, which is another thing to remember, and then I have to remember to unplug it and put it in whatever bag I'm using that day, which is fine except for I am terrible at remembering things sometimes.  It's very frustrating.

To make matters even trickier, this past summer we went camping for days at a time.  One of our best camping trips was to Sidney Spit, where you park your car and take your camping gear on a ferry to a completely car-free island to camp.  Oh, it's also an electricity free island.  We stayed for 6 days and had to rely entirely on our phones and our USB charging device to keep enough juice in our phones so we could both take photos, AND have enough power available in case we had to call 911.  It was a very stressful process.  We didn't take nearly as many pictures as we wanted to, and we also lived a bit dangerously the last night with 2 dead phones. Eeep.

My friends Ben and Irene Rodda had this problem, too.  But instead of just whining about it like I like to do, they went ahead and actually solved it!  I am excited to introduce you to Granola Strolla, a portable, affordable and easy to use solar charged battery pack that is able to charge USB devices as fast as a wall charger.  The Granola Strolla works by absorbing power from sunlight, and storing the energy in its environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. It charges up when you’re out and about so it will still have power when it is dark.

Hey Avery, that's not for you! Good thing the Granola Strolla is water resistant and BPA free!
The Granola Strolla's multi-directional design allows it to always be charging without requiring any special deployment. It’s light weight, water resistant and less expensive than other brands on the market. Because the Granola Strolla is Battery Charge Specification 1.2 compliant it charges just as fast as a dedicated wall charger. It also means that it is compatible with most popular brands and types of mobile devices.

It charges on three sides, so it's ALWAYS charging!
So do you realize what this means for me?  This means that I can clip the Granola Strolla to my Ergo, my stroller, my purse, or my diaper bag, and NOT THINK ABOUT IT. I don't have to worry about taking it out of my purse and charging it overnight before I go to bed, or worry about remembering to unplug it and put it in my bag the next day.  I also don't have to worry about my phone battery dying while I'm out. Ever. Again. And next year when we return to Sydney Spit, I will be able to torment my Facebook friends with thousands of photos of our relaxing vacation.

So you are obviously wanting to buy one of these, yes?  Well here's the thing.  Ben and Irene are a working couple just like us, with kids just like us.  And their last name isn't Trump.  Ben just happens to be an electronic engineer and he was able to design prototypes of Granola Strolla like you can see in the video below, but they still need the funds to produce Granola Strollas on a larger scale, to the tune of $20,000.  Yikes. 

Here's where you come in.

No, I'm not asking you to give $20,000 to Ben and Irene (though if you are able to, by all means!).

There is an amazing website called Kickstarter where people share their ideas and ask for people to help fund the ideas.  It's not like a microloan where the loaner gets paid back, but depending on your contribution you are given certain perks.  It's a great way for everyday inventors to get their ideas funded, even though they weren't born millionaires.

So like I was saying: PERKS!  For example, Canadians can give $60 toward their $20,000 goal, they will actually send you a Granola Strolla of your very own by this coming December! So not only do you get your very own amazing product, but you get to be a part of its inception, which let's be honest, is really freaking cool.

The Granola Strolla is seriously this easy, and YOU can help make it happen!
The Granola Strolla Kickstarter began on September 12th and will run until October 12th, so the Rodda's only have 30 days to raise the funds.  If they reach $20,000 or more, they get to keep the cash to produce Granolla Strolla.  However sadly, if they don't reach their target, they don't get any of the money.

Don't waste time; back this project soon. Even if you can only donate a few bucks, there are perks at every donation level, and you'd be supporting an incredible product and quite frankly, a really nice family.

And if you don't have the funds, please share the Kickstarter Campaign on your Facebook and on Twitter.  You can find Granolla Strolla:

On the web at
On Facebook at
Or Tweet @granolastrolla            

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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Real Truth About Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I’m not a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan, myself, but I know they are a treat many people enjoy during this beautiful season.  This year in particular,  I've noticed lots of discussion surrounding the iconic beverage, from happy #PSL posts, to posts questioning if it contains toxic ingredients.

The one thing that surprises me about Pumpkin Spice Lattes every year is the number of people that share their surprise that it does not contain pumpkin. 

Here's why it doesn't contain pumpkin: it's not necessarily supposed to contain pumpkin. 

"Pumpkin Spice" is the spice that is used to season pumpkin flesh, to put in pies or pastries. Something like this:

See? Even pumpkin spice doesn't contain pumpkin.  It is simply a combination of spices that taste good when you mix them into pumpkin. 

Evidently they also taste good mixed with coffee, sugar, and milk.

The english language is a funny thing.  Here are another few examples of items that are similar:

This "Meat Marinade" contains no meat. 

This "Body Powder" contains no bodies. 

And finally, my favourite:

This jar of "baby food" contains no baby.
So in short, the fact that a pumpkin spice latte has no pumpkin in it is more of a "Heh, I didn't realize, interesting!" kind of fact, more than a "OMIGAWD STARBUCKS HAS BEEN EXPOSED #PSLISAFRAUD" kind of fact.

It's just a matter of our strange and wondrous language. If you thought there was pumpkin in it, you aren't alone.  It's pretty fair to assume there would be.  But is it a scandal that there isn't? Nope. 

As for those of you who were consuming pumpkin spice lattes to get more veggies into your diet, you may need to research a better approach.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Think Vegetables Are Good For You? Think Again

So, you think vegetables are good for you? 

You're right!

So why am I asking you to "think again"?

I'm asking you to think again because, in general, "thinking" is awesome.  Especially when you think for yourself, using a combination of common sense and knowledge you have gathered throughout your life from reputable sources.

Did you click this article because you thought I was going to try and say vegetables aren't good for you?

Well first, congratulations for clicking.  Most people wouldn't even bother. Some people would just say "OMG VEGETABLES AREN'T GOOD FOR YOU" and click the "share" button.  *shudder*

Second, congratulations for actually attempting to read the article.

Bonus points if you noticed that this is a blog.

Some people don't realize this, but ANYONE can post ANYTHING to the Internet.  I am a random person who made this blog for free.  I can write anything I want on it.  I could have written a completely BS article about how bad vegetables are for you.  I could have taken it a step further and instead of making this a parenting blog, I could have called it the "Official Vegetable Health Organization" blog or something even more impressive, to make it look like things I say about vegetables bear any weight.  Then I could have talked shit about vegetables or any other foods I wanted to, and put it out to you, and the whole Internet, with just a few clicks.

Then maybe there are a few of you who would have completely cut vegetables from your diet, and maybe you would have told your friends about what you heard, and maybe they would have, too.  The Internet can be a powerful thing.

When you see a sensationalized article about food, or anything that paints a black-and-white picture about what foods will do to you(or drugs. or activities. etc, etc), it's time to get out those thinking skills. 

Now, this doesn't mean blogs and non-professional sources are terrible for information.  It just means you may need to do some additional thinking if you read something, just to ensure you are reading something that may be of value to you instead of something that is a load of crap. 

If you want to put this to the test, go our friend Google, and type in something like:

"Dangers of eating *insert food here*"

And you will find that there is someone out there speaking out about just about everything.

It's probably not a good idea to stop eating everything, right?

So like I said earlier, "think again." Keep thinking, people, and don't stop.  I know it's easier not to think, and to just take information for face value, but in the end, you will be much happier (and probably healthier) if you just keep on thinking.

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